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Why use Munchies® for every clear aligner patient

May 09, 2021 1 min read

There are many aligner seating devices out there but only Munchies® reduces the chances of refinements and increases predictability. 

Munchies®  have been fabricated so that clear aligners fit as intimately as possible, increasing the likelihood that pre-programmed force systems will be delivered accurately and efficiently. This ensures that treatment will progress predictably and minimize the chance of time consuming and costly refinements and adjustments.

Designed by a prominent expert in esthetic orthodontics and clear aligner therapy, Munchies® utilize a specifically formulated medical grade silicone with unique visco-elastic properties and anatomy that encapsulate each aligner and ensure that the morphology of the aligner does not change when seated.

Munchies®  accelerate treatment not only through optimizing the fit, but also significantly increase inflammatory biomarkers that yield faster intercellular exchange.

EOCA (Esthetic Orthodontic Company of America) is the exclusive distributor of Munchies® globally as well as other superb products for all clear aligner therapy and dentistry needs.