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Munchies® Gentle Refill Pack

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Hygienic Delivery and Improves Compliance
The Munchies® Gentle Refill Pack contains Munchies® from the Gentle range plus two carry cassettes to ensure optimal hygiene. Ideally prescribed after patients have ascertained which devices are most efficacious for seating and daily usage protocols and in particular, for relief of discomfort caused by capillary strangulation during orthodontic tooth movement.

Each pack contains 2 standard sized Munchies® and 1 Munchies® Maxx jn the gentler hardness range. The Munchies® Maxx is a larger and more robust device and is suited for more aggressive chewing and deeper bite cases.

Convenient Packs Accelerates Treatment
If patients always have access to multiple Munchies®, they are more likely to comply with the correct reinsertion protocol and maximize the delivery of the correct forces programmed into the aligners.

Clinical Feedback
Over the last 5 years, it has been shown that providing patients with multiple Munchies® increased likelihood of the patient using the device when required, as evidenced by greater rates of expression of tooth movement and a reduction in refinements.

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For complete product information go to www.orthomunchies.com