Munchies® EPS Professional Bulk Pack (24 or 48 Pieces)

Blue and Pink Munchies® EPS
Blue Munchies® EPS
Pink Munchies® EPS
  • The Munchies® EPS Professional Bulk Packs contains your choice of 24 or 48  Munchies® EPS in either blue, pink or a mix of both.

    These Packs are ideal for professionals who wish to hand out the Munchies devices one or two at a time at aligner changeover visits. If patients always have access to multiple Munchies®, they are more likely to comply with the correct reinsertion protocol and maximize the delivery of the correct forces programmed into the aligners.

    Clinical Feedback
    Over the last 5 years, it has been shown that providing patients with multiple Munchies® EPS increased likelihood of the patient using the device when required, as evidenced by greater rates of expression of tooth movement and a reduction in refinements.