Munchies & Munchies Maxx

Munchies® are a clinically proven orthodontic enhancement device designed to maximize the accuracy of fit and effectiveness of clear aligner treatment and to provide pain relief during all stages of orthodontic treatment.

Munchies® ensure that aligners fit as intimately as possible, increasing the likelihood that treatment plans will progress as quickly as possible and minimizing the chance of time-consuming and costly refinements and adjustments. Designed by a prominent expert in aesthetic orthodontics and clear aligner therapy, Munchies® deliver specific force profiles to ensure aligners or braces move teeth efficiently and comfortably.

Why useMunchies®? They perform the following four functions:

Orthodontic Analgesic
Chewing on Munchies® can provide pain relief as effective as paracetamol or ibuprofen after adjustment of wires or new aligner insertion.

Intrusion enhancement
Munchies® assist your aligners or braces with the difficult movement of intruding your teeth.

Aligner Seating
Munchies® accurately seat your aligners for a truely intimate fit to improve tracking and predictability of your tooth movements.

Get your case back on track by using Munchies® to encourage your teeth back on the right track.

HardnessesThe standard size Munchies® devices are fabricated in 4 different hardnesses to provide relief of pain and to seat aligners more accurately and improve the predictability of your treatment.

The Munchies Maxx® device is designed for patients with deeper bites or who prefer to use their device on a more regular basis and subject the device to far greater forces. Munchies Maxx® come in 2 different hardnesses.

Each Munchies® device has an average life span of 1-2 weeks if used correctly.

The product has been designed to be robust for this period and to remain visco-elastic and deliver the correct forces if not used excessively. Biting too hard or excessively will result in premature tearing of the Munchies®.

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Munchies & Munchies Maxx

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