Munchies® Madness Bundle (8 Bundles - 3 x 2 Pack)

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Munchies® Madness Bundle

The Munchies® Madness protocol has been advocated as an effective seating and acceleration regimen in clear aligner therapy. Munchies® EPS devices (Blue or Pink) are used to seat the aligners upon reinsertion most effectively (especially in the premolar region): this is followed by daily use with the Red Munchies® Maxx device for up to 5-10 minutes each time to help facilitate optimal cellular interchange and orthodontic tooth movement predictability.

The Munchies® Madness Bundle is designed to provide your patients' with a convenient and hygienic package and to ensure that the life expectancy of each device matches the usage protocol.

Each Munchies® bundle consists of 3 packs of 2 Munchies® and is intended for aligner changeover intervals of 7 to 10 days and where the patient is provided with 4 or 5 aligners per visit.

The choices within the Munchies® bundles are as follows: