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Munchies® Intruder Bulk Packs (24 or 48 Pieces)

  • Munchies® Intruder

  • The Munchies® Intruder has been specifically designed to assist in clear aligner treatments where intrusion movements have been programmed. 
  • Whether for upper or lower anteriors in deep overbite cases or for posterior intrusion, the Munchies® Intruder has been engineered for gripping the coronal third of the aligner firmly, without fear of changing the integral shape and force systems. 

    The visco-elastic nature and more robust morphology of the device, in tandem with the specific Shore Hardness of the medical grade silicone, affords the patient the opportunity for more continual daily use. 

    A more aggressive regimen of use of the device, especially during the intrusion phase of treatment, optimises the likelihood of this difficult vertical to occur predictably.  

    Suggested Use 

    The Munchies® Intruder should be prescribed for use particularly during the intrusion phase of clear aligner treatment. 

    1. The device should be used at every re-insertion of the aligners. 
    2. After inserting the aligners with finger pressure, patient should bite down on all of the posterior teeth with the non-grooved arm on both sides of the mouth. 
    3. Then engage all of the upper front teeth in the larger groove, and bite for 15-20 seconds in each area from one side to the other. 
    4. Then engage all of the lower front teeth in the smaller groove, and bite for 15-20 seconds in each area from one side to the other. 
    5. Repeat this process at every re-insertion
    6. For fastest movement of teeth, use in tandem with the Munchies® VIBE is recommended.