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Photography Contraster Black Metal - Occlusal - Large

Occlusal Contrasters are designed to give contrast to your images and eliminate those elements not required in the picture.
They allow occlusal photos to be taken with a completely black background. This obscures either the inside of the mouth or the lips to make image more presentable for patient before and after presentations and publications.
When using the Contraster for the upper or lower occlusal images, the curved end is designed to simplify taking occlusal mirror views and as it acts as retractor for the upper or lower lip. The curved end lifts the lip to keep it away from the teeth and prevent it from folding over the incisal edge. It also prevents nostrils and moustaches from appearing in the upper occlusal photo.

Large: 78mm (w) x 230mm (l)

Made of black anodised aluminium.

Autoclave only - no chemical or cold sterilisation. 


- Use clean with water and mild soap only.

- Do not use abrasive products on Contrasters.

- Dry completely before autoclaving to prevent waterspots.

- Autoclave for sterilisation at 275°F or 135°C for a maximum of 15 minutes.