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Photography Contraster Black - Soft Flexible - Buccal / Lingual

Soft Palatal Buccal / Lingual Contraster is designed to give contrast to your images and eliminate elements not required in the picture.  Obscures the inside of the mouth and the lips making the image more presentable for lectures, publications, marketing and patient presentation. Buccal / Lingual photos can be taken with a completely black background. It can easily be bent into place for comfortable positioning for your patient.

Made of malleable stainless steel covered by black silicone.
Size: 230mm x 40mm / 30mm 

Autoclave only, no chemicals or cold sterilisation 

Sterilisation Instructions

  • Use clean with water and mild soap only.
  • Do not use abrasive products on Contrasters.
  • Dry completely before autoclaving to prevent waterspots.
  • Autoclave for sterilisation at 275°F or 135°C for a maximum of 15 minutes.