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Photography Contraster Black Soft Flexible - Occlusal / Palatal

Soft Palatal Occlusal Contraster is designed to give contrast to your images and eliminate elements not required in an intra-oral photography. Occlusal photos can be taken with a completely back background. Obscures the inside of the mouth and the lips making the image more presentable for lectures, publications, marketing and patient presentation. This contraster is made of  malleable stainless steel covered by black silicone, and can be easily bent into place for comfortable positioning for your patient.

Simplify taking occlusal mirror views and as it acts as retractor for the upper or lower lip. It lifts the lip to keep it away from the teeth and prevents it from folding over the incisal edge as well as preventing nostrils and moustaches from appearing in the upper occlusal photo.


The 3 arms width of each arm arch is: 80mm, 70mm, 60mm 

Autoclave only, no chemicals or cold sterilisation