Munchies® VIBE

Overview: Munchies® Vibe has been created to rewrite the future of predictability in clear aligner therapy treatments.  The device delivers controlled and symmetrical acceleration (through osteoclastic activation) and optimized aligner seating which leads to faster and more predictable orthodontic movements. The acceleration outcome is achieved through the delivery of specific high-frequency vibratory forces which are anatomically targeted through morphologically shaped nodular attachments.

How Munchies® VIBE works

This design ensures maximum efficacy by a significant coronal encapsulation of each tooth which delivers an even distribution of high-frequency acceleration forces. Each tooth is then subjected to similar force systems which creates controlled and symmetrical acceleration.

 Unlike flat plane devices, Munchies® Vibe’s unique two quadrant design adapts to the occlusal plane and encapsulates every tooth simultaneously, providing symmetrical acceleration and idyllic predictability.

  • The posterior nodular attachment engages all premolar and molar teeth, regardless of the occlusal plane. This is critical for success in engaging all teeth simultaneously, a feature which other flat plane acceleration devices cannot provide.
  • The anterior nodular attachment engages all maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth, regardless of the overbite and uneven incisal planes.
  • The grooved anterior attachments are designed to apply high-frequency vibration to anterior teeth which may be lagging during treatment.

The ideal protocol for use is to utilize once per day for 12 minutes (or twice per day for 6 minutes): 4 minutes on each side of the mouth of the posterior nodular attachment and then 4 minutes using the anterior nodular attachment. This protocol is integrated with use during the day at every aligner reinsertion using any of the Munchies® devices as listed above.

Additional seating in areas that may be lagging can be achieved by using the specific grooved anterior attachments as directed.

Clinical Indications for Use

From first aligner insertion in tandem with any of the Munchies® devices. Replacement heads may be purchases as needed.

Additional information

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