Come visit the EOCA stand at the AAO in Miami from May 21-23.


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About Us

EOCA was created as a niche provider of state of the art devices and products in Esthetic Orthodontics (related to clear aligner therapy), Oral Medicine, TMD and Clinical Photography. Our products have been designed by world class experts and clinicians and we are proud to offer you a range which we believe represents “best in class” in every realm.

Our history: The Esthetic Orthodontic Company of America (EOCA) was established in 2016 to provide products and devices in niche areas of dentistry, particularly clear aligner therapy. The company has since moved into heavy investment into research and development in Oral Medicine, TMD and Aesthetic Dentistry, working in close collaboration with world class experts at the Postgraduate School of Dentistry and the University of NSW.

The EOCA mission statement is to deliver products and devices which are unequivocally deemed to be market leaders in every realm.

The Postgraduate School of Dentistry