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Standard Munchies® and Munchies® Maxx

Overview: The standard size Munchies® devices are fabricated in 4 different hardnesses with the primary aim to seat aligners more accurately and improve the predictability of treatments. After seating the aligners with finger pressure only, patients will notice a degree of ill fit. Use of the Munchies® will instantly remediate this issue and all patients will confirm an intimate fit and normalized speech patterns. The Munchies® Maxx is a 15% larger, more robust device which is designed for patients with deeper bites or who prefer to use more regularly and subject the device to far greater forces. Munchies Maxx® come in 2 different hardnesses.

How Munchies® works

Munchies® have been fabricated so that clear aligners fit as intimately as possible, increasing the likelihood that pre-programmed force systems will be delivered as accurately and efficiently as possible. This ensures that treatment will progress predictably and minimize the chance of time-consuming and costly refinements and adjustments.

  • The Upper and Lower Teeth Intrusion Grooves has been designed to adapt to the anatomy of the incisors.  The grooves have been engineered to grasp the aligner’s incisally and gently provide force to enhance aligner seating without distorting the aligner form and shape.
  • The Canine Intrusion Well has been anatomically designed to engage the incisal third of the upper and lower canines to ensure the aligner is seated intimately against these teeth and securing the attachments which are critical for accurate orthodontic tooth movement.

  • Munchies® are engineered using a new patented medical grade silicone material (MVT - Munchie Viscoelastic Technology) with improved tear strength and superior mechanical properties.
  • The softer Munchies® also act as a powerful orthodontic analgesic which can provide pain relief as effective as acetaminophen or ibuprofen after each new aligner insertion. (This is known as the Bite Wafer effect)

To optimize seating, after aligners are re-inserted each time, 30 seconds engagement. Similar chewing in the anterior grooved arms, (both maxillary and mandibular) is then indicated.

To optimize the prescribed tooth movements, additional engagement and chewing using each arm for up to 10 minutes per day is ideal and patients should be encouraged to follow this protocol on a daily basis

Biting too hard or excessively will result in premature tearing of the Munchies®

Clinical Indications for Use

Standard Munchies can be used in simple cases with minimal posterior movements and limited expansion. Munchies Maxx is more robust and suited for more aggressive chewing and deeper bite cases.

Indication to use Munchies® Maxx over Original Munchies®:

  • Munchies® Maxx device is designed for patients with deeper bites
  • Patients who prefer to use their device on a more regular basis and subject the silicone to far greater forces
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Munchies® Starter Pack
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Original Munchies® 2 Pack
Standard Orange Munchie and Red Munchie Maxx
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Munchies® Professional Bulk Pack (24 or 48 pieces) from $196.00 USD
3 Munchies® 2 Piece Packs
Standard Orange Munchie and Red Munchie Maxx
Standard Yellow Munchie and Green Munchie Maxx
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Munchies® Firm Refill Pack
Munchies® Firm Refill Pack from $52.80 USD
Munchies® Gentle Refill Pack
Munchies® Gentle Refill Pack from $52.80 USD
Munchies® Maxx Refill Pack
Munchies® Maxx Refill Pack from $56.00 USD