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d.MISTIFY Ortho PLUS contains:


- d.MISTIFY Adult Occlusal Mirror (Stainless Steel)

- d.MISTIFY Straight Mirror (Stainless Steel)

- d.MISTIFY Site Specific Mirror (Stainless Steel)

- Handsfree Medium Retractor

- Double Ended Lip retractor 

- Articulating paper

- BART Bilingual Aligner Removal Tool

- 1x Munchies® EPS 2pc Pack Pink/Blue

- 1x Munchies® EPS 2pc Pack Blue/Blue

- Cotton Rolls

- ALD Carrying case 

- Soft Carrying Case (for patient aligners and other take home items) 

This is a more comprehensive kit for patients to maintain their aligner hygiene. 

Deliver every patient a continual 52 weeks per year orthodontic treatment monitoring and retention review capability.
Exquisite high-quality intra-oral imagery is made possible with the d.MISTIFY Pro Data Capture Kit and accompanying isolation devices.

Save patient time
Save chair time
Save wages
Optimise your orthodontic case profitability

A superb carrying case and use of the Open Wide Dentist App are included. d. Mistify Ortho is also ideal to attract new patients who may be fearful, time poor or geographically indisposed.

A huge practice builder!